How to read the texts of this section?

There are various ways to read a text or listen to a speech.

- You can read or listen with your HEAD. You focus on the logic of reasoning. You listen to find out an error or to find what reinforces your beliefs. You question each idea by asking yourself 'why?'. You try to understand according to what you already know. You make a judgment and eventually you say 'I totally agree !' or 'I don't agree at all !' In this process the author is the protagonist, and in the end, you just gained a piece of information.

- You can read or listen with your HEART, as you read poems or listen to music. You explore, let yourself be amazed, and you wonder 'why not ?'. You are ready to be touched and sometimes, in this state of grace, a new reality appears to you as an insight. You see something you've never seen before and this experience will impact your life. Experience is always transformative and in this process you are the protagonist.

The short texts in this section contain treasures of wisdom that just need to be discovered and shared.

Read these messages with your heart as if you were reading poems or listening to music so that these messages can reveal new horizons to you and impact your life for the better.