The Art of Living and the Colours of Life

When we decide to start painting, we naturally start by learning about the different types of paint, brushes and supports. Every time we decide to explore a new field, we start by familiarizing ourselves with its universe. Life is the only field we explore, mostly unconsciously and without prior knowledge of its universe and principles.

Just as colours constitute the painter's universe of possibilities and sounds the musician's universe of possibilities, life puts at our disposal a universe of possibilities, too: the energy of life. Our heart allows us to access this infinite palette of colours and sounds. Our heart is at the base of this creative impulse that transforms energy into something material, nothings into somethings.

For the painting to take shape, for the notes to become melody, for our life to take on meaning, action must be taken: we must take the brush, choose the colours and paint the canvas of our life. Sometimes we plunge the brush into black and grey, sometimes into yellow and gold..., and reality appears to us under dark and dull shades, respectively under bright and radiant colours. This choice is often pure random or the result of conditioning. It is rarely conscious, and the resulting feelings are trapped in this range of colours: dark and sad feelings for dull and heavy tones, light and joyful feelings for light and bright tones. Our interpretation of life comes to top it all off. If our palette is essentially made up of dark and flat colours, life will appear to us in its sad and lifeless aspect. If our palette is bright, life will appear to us in its playful, light and shimmering aspect.

When we contemplate Picasso's Guernica or watch a dark film, we are aware that it is a piece of art. We know it's just the artist's view of reality.

In our lives, we do not have this perspective and most of the time we are not aware that it is the colours of our thoughts that directly generate our feelings. We are not aware that WE paint our lives and that our mood depends on our choice of colours.

Understanding the principles of painting or music may not make us Picasso and Mozart, but it will allow us to progress more surely than if we knew nothing about the rules of these arts. Life is also an art that we refer to as the Art of Living. Knowing the main principles of it does not guarantee us success or happiness, but it allows us to understand the mechanisms and to progress towards an ever-improving quality of life.

Coherence puts at our disposal the whole range of colours so that we can consciously paint the main lines of our lives. It also allows us to take a step back to observe our painting and make the necessary adjustments to transform our lives. Doing so reality is getting closer to our dreams.