When the Natural is so Unusual ...
that it seems Impossible to us, then the Extraordinary becomes Possible!

Shortly after Christmas, I decided to use a wonderful Japanese knife to slice vegetables. I noticed that the precious wooden handle perfectly matched the palm of my hand. I was admiring the shine of the damasked blade and was listening to the thumping sound it made when hitting the wooden board, as if I were listening to a piece of music. I discovered the pleasure of slicing. I was all at that activity when, for some reason, the aubergine rolled, and I saw in slow motion, a fraction of a second ahead of time, the blade slip off the surface of the vegetable to stick in my finger. The knife immediately made the same trajectory, at the real speed this time: it slipped on the convex surface of the aubergine, but instead of crashing into my finger, it bounced back as if it had hit a hard surface.

Under shock, I looked at my finger, saw a slight red mark indicating the place of the impact but not a single scratch! I couldn't believe my eyes and I wasn't at the end of my surprise because my finger now had the flexibility of a metal cylinder. The phalanges seemed bent. For three days, my finger remained stiff.

Unable to understand what had happened, I talked about it. A martial arts master explained to me that this phenomenon was indeed unusual, and therefore quite incredible but actually it was perfectly natural. In case of danger, the body automatically concentrates the "Chi" or "Qi" (the energy) in the part of the body at risk to protect it. In some accidents, we have seen mothers lifting their cars with their arms to free their child. Martial artists who master "Chi" can even deliberately concentrate this energy in a limb to break a brick wall with the edge of their hand for example.

Nowadays, these extreme situationss are fortunately very seldom. As a result, these experiences that reconnect us to our vital power and make us touch the impossible are so rare that they seem supernatural to us.

In our daily lives, we often tend to confuse possible with probable and interpret new ideas, therefore unusual, as crazy and doomed to failure. Nevertheless, when we become familiar with a new idea, it begins to seem less edgy to us and when we persevere and are ready to let ourselves be surprised, then the magic happens:

We feel we are able to conquer our dreams as explorers once conquered new continents or reached the moon.

When we experience the Natural

which is so Unusual that it seems Impossible to us,

then the Extraordinary becomes Possible!