When our projects are still in the development stage,
When our dreams only serve to make us fantasize,
When we can't move forward, it's either...

  • because we're not connected to our heart. Our target is not well-defined, or
  • because we're not connected to our mind. Our strategy is inadequate, or
  • because we are not grounded with our body. Our posture is too soft.

Alignment creates a cohesive reality and the power of coherence is what makes the difference between failure and success.

My holistic three-dimensional coaching combines heart intelligence, mind intelligence and body intelligence to create deep, lasting transformation. By creating a synergetic dynamic it makes it possible to focus on what we value in order to be aligned to our lives. Thus we can overcome resistance to take action. We stop describing our life. We start to design it.

Some people look at things that are, and say, why?; I dream of things that never were and say, why not?" George Bernard Shaw.

The Heart points to the direction

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The Head provides the solution

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The Body sets us into motion

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As when we prepare our holidays, we first decide which destination makes us dream, (our heart is at work), then we establish a road map (our brain is at work), we finally set off (our body is at work).