What is stress?

When we are stressed out, the radio in our head grows louder. This constant noise blurs our thoughts and prevents us from seeing clearly.

Traditional approaches try to cope with this stressful confusion by providing tools to navigate the 'fog'. They try to minimize the EFFECTS of stress. What if we could understand the CAUSES of stress in order to act upstream before the fog lifts? Indeed, when the radio in our head is muted and nothing is blurring our thoughts, then we no longer need navigation tools to move forward.

How can we get back to clarity?

When a child touches a hot stove and burns himself, he instinctively takes his hand off. Actually the moment he understands that the hot stove is causing his pain, he removes his hand. There is no REFLECTION nor application of a strategy or a technique. It is just the buit-in immune RESPONSE of our BODY. During our sessions, we examine the true role of our inner radio. The more we listen to the radio in our head, the louder it grows and the more stressed out we feel. But if we keep listening to it, it's because we think its message keeps us safe. This 'Misunderstanding' triggers STRESS. The moment we realize, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that our inner radio does not have any warning function but that it does trigger our mental stress - just as the child realizes the hot stove does trigger his physical pain - we turn off our inner radio. This is the built-in immune RESPONSE of our MIND. My role is to help you embody this insightful understanding. This understanding will enable you to switch off the radio in your head and doing so to reduce your stress level substantially.