What is it about?

Transformative insight-based Coaching for combined professional and personal growth.

The format of my intervention (workshops, individual sessions, retreats,...) is defined in agreement with the client to meet the company's needs.

For whom and why?

- for Companies with a vision they want to realize

- for Companies with a project they want to make progress on

- for Companies in a situation they want to improve thanks to… 

  • more clarity. A clear mind is key to solve issues, increase focus, make decisions, detect opportunities, identify a competitive advantage and it is the source of effective leadership and huge performance in dynamic complex environments
  • more energy and resilience to deal with changes in an agile way and experience a state of "performance flow"
  • more rapport to experience effective communication with peers, leaders & clients
  • more creativity to meet clients expectations and find disruptive strategies
  • more presence/charisma and visibility to make things happen.

What is the approach?

People feel discouraged when they do not progress the way they want. Most coaching approaches provide techniques aiming at helping people to get started or move faster. They are "success accelerators". However most of the time, the reason for slow or no progression is that fears, like a handbrake, stop them from taking the next step. I release the handbrake.

My coaching does not focus on the content of these fears for two reasons:

  • Only 10% of our fears are conscious so that content-specific techniques have no impact on 90% of our fears.
  • Content is a transient interpretation of a situation that varies over time so that techniques have no sustainable impact.

Fears are False Evidence Appearing Real.

The identity of a company is the dimension at core that does not come and go. It is not based on the varying content of beliefs and concepts. Consequently, my coaching focuses on the general mechanism of fears, which does not vary over time. In fact, each time we get a better understanding of a mechanism we can take full advantage of it. When we know how a software works, we can make the most of it. Indeed, who would keep pressing the "space" key to get rid of a sentence when we can press the "delete" key? My coaching approach operates like a "delete” key,

My coaching frees companies from their legacy, freeing leaders from their fears and giving them the necessary clear mind to be innovative and resourceful.

Now personal & professional growth build upon each other. Within his new mindset, when happiness goes hand in hand with a clear vision of the future, sacrificing private life for professional success or vice-versa does not make any sense any more.

How does that work?

"When it comes to clarity, looking for information is like drinking salt water. It just makes you more thirsty" Jamie Smart.

My coaching is not information-based but insight-based.

When we look for information, we try to build upon something we already know. We look for a further "how to"-technique to apply in order to upgrade our skillset. Information-based changes are limited in their impact and in their duration because the gained new techniques tend to first overwhelm us and then get forgotten. "80% of what is learned in a one-day workshop is forgotten within the following 30 days".  Lucy Adams - PDG de disruptive HR

When we look for insights, we are in an exploration mode, which makes us curious, open-minded and ready to be impacted. Insights are game changers. When we experience "Aha" moments or get a lightbulb idea, we get a helpful, clear and deep understanding of a situation.

This insightful learning is transformational and drives big leaps and sustainable changes over time.

The gained clarity empowers people to make the first step and keep making changes as they move forward..

In a nutshell, when our heads are full of information, we feel like a shaken snow-globe which snow is obscuring the scene. In a snow-globe, when the snow settles, the liquid clears, revealing the scene. Similarly, when we are ready to let go of our swirling beliefs, practices and doubts, clarity of mind emerges and we can generate helpful, fresh and clear thinking.

What are the benefits?

As the approach is not content-specific, the benefits are not content-restricted.

  • Interpersonal benefits for professional development:: Far from ad-hoc conflicts management and more than better communication, my clients experience mutual understanding and a deep feeling of connection regardless of the context. This improves team synergy, confidence, mental alertness, focus, effectiveness and is conducive to great leadership..
  • Personal benefits for personal development: Far from small, effortful changes based on techniques to keep motivation alive and improve current situation, my clients experience a big leap into their zone of genius and sustainable changes. They feel inspired to step into the learning curve with ease and a sense of curiosity instead of having to step out of their zone of comfort with courage and a sense of urgency.

Real empowerment is when we feel free to throw ourselves into an activity completely, as if our happiness depended on it, but knowing that it does not.