About me

As a child, I dreamt of being a dancer. While many little girls have the same dream, each one probably has it for different reasons. I now know that this bliss was due to my experience of coherence. I felt a deep piece of mind, becoming ONE with my body, following the impulses of my heart and the instructions of my head.

I had just celebrated my 11th birthday when my father suddenly died from a surgical error. My carefree world collapsed all of a sudden. My father would never be here any longer… and my mother decided to "go back to France"! I had to say goodbye to my friends, to my house, to my childhood. It was more than a goodbye, it was a farewell. This cut-off was a point of no return. I felt like a tree cut off from its roots. And yet I realized that my sadness was not a direct consequence of my father's death. Indeed what made me sad was not HIS death but MY hopelessness. My innocent mistake was to trace the tragic implications of this blow of fate. I thought I would never be able to call upon my father's wisdom any longer. I would have been drowned by the flow of these dark thoughts if I had not realized that to be connected with his own heart is to be connected with the universal wisdom. Thus I was defeated but not discouraged and I felt enough anchored to decide to let myself grow wings... to discover a continent, new to me, Europe. My experience of a cohesive reality has allowed me to stay aligned, regardless of the continent. I knew that I could turn walls into bridges because I can see opportunities where most people see hurdles.

So it was with the same alignment that I immersed myself in studies, connecting the subjects together, trying to create a meaningful world. Pythagoras was not reduced to a formula. It enabled me to measure the slope of a pyramid before ascending it. My own ascent led me to Denmark, and this journey across geographic boundaries was also a journey into the future. Indeed, thirty years ago, Danes already practiced "hygge", the art of coherence, on a daily basis. This may explain why Danes are often considered to be the happiest people in the world!

I recreated my inner roots and discovered that I could also help others to turn people's walls into bridges. At that time I had difficulties explaining how I was able to turn a mediocre math student into a student ready for advanced Maths studies within a few months. I now know the strength of the mind, with its motivating, competing or limiting beliefs. Unconsciously I then practiced a coaching oriented on coherence and based on the peculiarity of each one. I enjoyed transforming the internal nuggets of others into visible & valuable jewels.

With a Master's degree in management in my pocket, my entry into working life marked the beginning of a new chapter, but not of a new story. Then the winds of life brought me to Zurich. Between the worlds of finance and insurance, my heart leaned without hesitation towards the principle of solidarity on which the world of insurance is based. The only thought that I would be able to make the world more cohesive and more resilient gave me wings. For 27 years, I have been exploring the insurance and reinsurance sectors (as Underwriter, Products Actuary, Data Analyst, Project Manager) trying to connect these areas and create win-win solutions. My passion for positive psychology, my commitment to many projects and my continuous training* allow me to actively practice a holistic, three-dimensional personalized coaching since 2007.

It is thanks to my journey, rich in twists and turns, that I was able to connect with my particularity until it appeared to me in all its clarity and formed the basis of my coaching work. I help clients who are going through difficult times, in their careers or personal lives, to find their peculiar strengths and alignment in order to be unique, irreplaceable and "unstoppable". If life is rich in twists and turns, isn't it just to allow us to rebound?

Each of our sparks, put together, can make a great bonfire. Our particularity is not opposed to the community, it feeds it.

And you, what's your peculiarity?

(*e.g.: Certification by "Core Quality Education" with Daniel Ofman, active member and registred practitioner of 3PGC )