Unconfused and Unstuck!

When we are in the dark, we tend to struggle. We hesitate, we stumble, we get lost. We are so busy trying to navigate Life as best we can that we forget the essential thing: to ask ourselves an important question. Is there a way to turn on the light or to remove the blindfold from our eyes? Do you want to know more? In this special episode you can see the real cause of the crashes of our emotional experiences. Have a listen here!

Paul and Pablo’s chronicles are meant to accompany us on this exploratory journey. Sometimes it can be a difficult financial situation we are struggling with. Sometimes the loss of a loved one. Sometimes a tricky relationship. But from now on we don’t have to do this alone. Paul and Pablo are there to enlighten us all the way.

What if you decided to start each day by listening to an episode of your choice … or perhaps by letting chance choose for you?

Let's join them on Spotify or on Podbean to get unconfused and unstuck!

Everything you always wanted to know about fears, success, time, happiness, death, emotions, money, guilt, action, who we are,...and much more.


Dream it! Dare it! Do it!

A nice conversation with Jasmyne, an Inspiress.

I love these timeless moments, these feelings of deep connection…and I am happy to share them with you here.